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I am a Graphic Designer and Front End Web Developer in Oakland, California. I have more than five year's professional experience covering various fields of design including identity, print and digital. I have worked with large agencies and design firms as well as small businesses, consultants, non-profits and individuals. I use visual design to provide solutions to problems faced in day to day. Please get in touch if you have a project in mind or further questions.


  • Print & Graphic Design
  • Responsive Sites
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Web Design
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • E-Commerce
  • HTML Email Design
  • Branding / Logos


AKA Click

AKA Click is a Display advertising company based in San Francisco, CA. While working with AKA Click, I was tasked with creating the Branding and Identity of the company at it's inception. After several iterations, this logo was picked for the play on the mouse cursor in the 'A'.

My Roles:   ✔ Identity   ✔ Branding   ✔ Concept & Execution

Greater Richmond Lab Resuce

Greater Richmond Lab Resuce is a rescue organization in Richmond, Va. I was contracted to create their logo based on some loose ideas the team had previously agreed on. This version encompases most of those ideas, although is unique in that it is not any one idea.

My Roles:   ✔ Identity   ✔ Branding   ✔ Concept & Execution

Vision Couture

Vision Couture is a couture fashion shop, school and design house in Richmond, Va headed by Michael Taylor Couture. I was hired to create the Logo and Branding, as well as all marketing collateral including business cards, tradeshow banners and the website. This concept is based on the copious sketches that populate the shop on any given day. Each piece is made to order and I wanted to use the illustration technique to emphasize this.

My Roles:   ✔ Identity   ✔ Branding   ✔ Concept & Execution

Nu Bath

Nu Bath Systems is a bath/shower replacement system developemed by Mr. Fix It. I have worked with Mr. Fix It on previous design and marketing collateral and was excited to be selected to create the brand for their new product. I enjoy typeography very much as well as letter forms. In addition to this logo, I designed the tradeshow banners, brochures and advertisements for this product at it's inception.

My Roles:   ✔ Identity   ✔ Branding   ✔ Concept & Execution

Real TAG

Real TAG is verification service for the lead generation industry. In response to the success of other iLeads campaigns, I was contracted to design a responsive landing page for the product. This design was the basis for one of the most successful campaigns of 2014 for iLeads.com

My Roles:   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS   ✔ JS     ✔ Responsive Design

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Plated needed a responsive, clean wordpress theme for their blog. I was contracted for this project and delivered this design and responsive code.

My Roles:   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS   ✔ JS   ✔ PHP   ✔ WordPress   ✔ Responsive Design

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DocuSign is an electronic Signature application. While working with DocuSign, I created numerous Landing Pages as part of multiple advertizing campaigns. This design was amoung the most successful, part of a 15% increase in sales and subscriptions.

My Roles:   ✔ CMS (Drupal)   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS   ✔ JS

Prevent a Skip

Prevent a Skip is a service for property managers to utilize in reducing skips in the rental cycle. I was contracted by Prevent a Skip for all Design and Front End Development for this site.

My Roles:   ✔ CMS   ✔ Wordpress   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS   ✔ JS   ✔ PHP

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Chairish is a classified ads service focusing on designer furniture and home decor. I was contracted by Chairish to create a series of custom HTML Emails based on their exisiting website and branding.

My Roles:   ✔ MailChimp   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS


Custom HTML Email for Alibris.

My Roles:   ✔ Brand Adherance   ✔ HTML/CSS


iLeads is a lead generation company specializing in Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Health Insurance and Disability Insurance. This email was one of the monthly custom email campaigns I created for iLeads.com over the course of a year.

My Roles:   ✔ MailChimp   ✔ Design   ✔ HTML/CSS

Title 9

Custom HTML Email for Title 9.

My Roles:   ✔ Brand Adherance   ✔ HTML/CSS

Cappy Farms

Flash Banner for Cappy Farms advertizing campaign. This was the strongest of several design variations presented. Non flash formats were also created to target devices incompatible with Flash

My Roles:   ✔ Flash   ✔ Design   ✔ Concept & Execution


Banner for DocuSign advertizing campaign. This is one banner from one of the most successful sets of creatives, part of a 15% increase in sales and subscriptions

My Roles:   ✔ Design   ✔ Concept & Execution


Banner - Alibris Back to School advertizing campaign for Textbooks.

My Roles:   ✔ Design   ✔ Concept & Execution


Static Banner for BO.LT Visual Browser.

My Roles:   ✔ Design     ✔ Flash ✔ Concept & Execution