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Alibris Display Ads

I worked with the marketing team at Alibris to develop display ads for re-engagement campaign for previous customers who had not purchased an item from Alibris for more than 6 months. Roles:  Typography, Layout, Brand Compliance, Animation. Technology: Google Display Ads, Facebook Ad Manager

Display Ad

Display Ad paired with Homepage Design and Email Creatives for seasonal specials. This project was based on early growth spurts with kids. Schoola sells gently used children’s clothes. I suggested and illustrated images supporting growth in the mock ups and final designs. Roles: Creative Direction, Image Sourcing, Design, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography

CE Conference Display Ads

I was asked to create a short series of display ads for the CE Conferences for Healthcare Professionals. Previously they had used images that did not accurately portray the diversity in attendees. A new type treatment was also introduced. Roles: Image Sourcing, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography Technology: Google Display Ads, Facebook Ad Manager